Episode 2 – Hanging out with Ben Verth!

Dearest listeners,

Technology has decided to play nice today, and so I was able to properly record the show! Today, I hung out with Ben Verth at the Beehive Inn, which is conveniently his venue. We had a chat over a beer, and discussed a lot of things like the impact of the free festival, and what it’s like to be a local comedian during the Fringe. Click on the “Podcast Epsiodes” link on the right to listen.

His show is on everyday (not Thursdays) at 16:00 at the Beehive Inn and tickets are only £5! You can buy them at the door, or here:


You can also get in touch with him and find out more at: www.benverthcomedy.com . Or follow him on twitter: @benverth . Or find him on Facebook www.facebook.com/benverth !

Listen, comment, like, and share!


Andra xo

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