Episode 5 – The Grads featuring David Grimes and Lorna Slater

Hiya listeners,

Today I had the pleasure of sitting down with two very lovely and interesting people: David Grimes and Lorna Slater. They were representing the local company The Grads who are putting on two shows this year: Romeo and Juliet, and Agnes of God. We discussed a number of things including what the benefits are of being a local company, and what things to see and do.  We also discussed what the benefits and drawbacks are of being a director, actor, and punter here at the Fringe. The discussion did continue for another hour or so after we stopped recording, and they are both really cool people with interesting things to say!

To get tickets:



Follow them on twitter: @TheGrads – @SelfDoIt – @tiggrzz

Read David’s reviews at: http://davidegrimes.tumblr.com

Find out more about The Grads at www.egtg.co.uk

Please listen, share, comment and enjoy!


Andra xo

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