Episode 7 – Chatting about Romeo/Juliet

Hello all,

I apologise for the hiatus over the past few days – I have been busy performing a show 5 times in two days, so needless to say I had no time to podcast. However, this one is worth the wait. I chatted with Stefanie, Matt, and Cody who are all involved with a production called Romeo/Juliet. It is a movement based telling of the story of Romeo and Juliet – with paint! We chatted a lot about making Shakespeare both universal and accessible, and also about how they have been enjoying the Fringe (this is Matt’s first time out of the country!)

Please click on the link to the right to listen to our great chat. If you want to get you tickets, go here:


And you can follow them on twitter” @R_JFringe

Please listen, comment, share and enjoy!


Andra xo

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