2014 Episode 21 – Shout!

Episode 21! I’m back in C Too, this time chatting to Francesca Goodridge (Director), Sarah Folwell (Actor) and Max Unsworth (Producer) from Shout! The Mod Musical. We talked about what it’s like to adapt a show at the Fringe, and how to see some of non-Fringe Scotland.

If you’re on twitter, give the company a follow @shoutmodmusical. You can also follow Francesca (@francescajadeg), Sarah(@sarah_filwell) and Max (@maxemmerson) individually! Of course, you can also get your tickets here.

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Episode 4 – Hanging out with the Chaucer Gang

Hello listeners,

Today, I got to spend time with four of the people involved in a show called Chaucer: Hold Up Your Tale. In the episode, we discuss the experience of being at the Fringe with the “veterans” of the group, and the expectations of the “newbies.” We also talked about their show, and how they have woven three different Chaucer tales, told in three different style, into one show.

Go and check them out! The show is on August 6 – 10 only at C Nova at 12:05pm. You can get tickets here:


You can find out more about the company by visiting their website: www.n10productions.com

Also, make sure to follow them on twitter: @n10productions

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