Episode 3 – Captivate Drama featuring Max Reid

Hello dear listeners,

This morning I sat down with Max Reid on behalf of Captivate Drama. They are doing four shows at the Fringe this year and Max is in all four! We talked about the challenges of being in an venue that is off the beaten track, how to take care of yourself during the Fringe, and you can find out what Max’s dream role is in the Fringe. Click on the link on the right to listen.

Follow Captivate on twitter at @captivatedrama to get show updates, and you can follow Max at @MrReid1994

If you want tickets for Brave Macbeth, Les Miserables, Oliver, or (of course) RENT, please visit: http://www.becaptivated.co.uk Рyou can tickets through all of them there, and keep updated with future projects and auditions!

Please listen, enjoy, share, comment and spread the word!


Andra xo