Episode 13 – Featuring Jess Abrams

Hello listeners,

In this episode I got to sit down over a coffee with a lovely person – Jess Abrams, who this year is doing a show at the Jazz Bar called Cat Stevens Reconstructed. We had a really interesting chat – we talked a bit about reviewers and what reviews can mean, but spent a lot of time talking about the importance of having a good and supportive audience. We also talked about how hard it can be to re-imagine something that people love, and make sure that you are still honouring the original work.

Her show is on at 19:00 at the Jazz Bar the 19th and 20th of August (Monday/Tuesday.) You can get tickets here:


You can also check out her website at www.jessabrams.co.uk, or follow her on twitter at @JessAbrams

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Jazz Festival Edition – Episode 2

Dear listeners,

Today I sat down in the Assembly Gardens in George Square to talk to Konrad Wiszniewski, a very talented saxophonist from Glasgow. We talked about music, influences, meeting famous people, and what makes the festival season so fantastic.

He is a lovely man who was great to chat to, and will he will certainly blow you away with his playing. If you want to find out more, go to http://www.konradwiszniewski.com . You can also find out more about his upcoming gigs at http://www.edinburghjazzfestival.com .

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First Episode of the Festival Season!

Hello dearest listeners,

So, it has officially begun – festival season is upon us. In order to celebrate yesterday, I did two things. One: I went to a pop up beer garden, two: I did my first podcast of 2013!

In this episode I chatted with a fun and creative group of people who have come together to become the band the California Honeydrops. This is the first time they have played in Scotland, and they are definitely making a great impression. They are all about keeping it fun and having a laugh.

We went and sat on the meadows yesterday in the sunshine and had a chat about what they do and what they’ve liked about Edinburgh.

Have a listen! If you want to know more, about the band, go to http://www.cahoneydrops.com. You can also catch them on twitter at @cahoneydrops. If you want to find out about their remaining gigs in Edinburgh, go to the Jazz&Blues Festival website at http://www.edinburghjazzfestival.com.

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