2014 Episode 2 – EUSOG Presents Avenue Q

Episode two brings some insight into doing a well known show at the Fringe. I chatted with some cast members, as well as the director of Avenue Q at the Fringe this year about their experience at the Fringe, and what it’s like to work with puppets!

If you’re on twitter, give them a follow @eusogfringe2014 – you can also follow some of the people on the podcast – Ethan can be found at @esbaird_, Dominic is @dom_justdom, and Alistair is @alistairmackey. For more information on the company, check out their website at www.eusog.org, and you can find out about this show specifically at www.avenueqfringe.com.

Last but not least, to buy tickets, click here! They are on at the Paradise at St Augustines, which is in the heart of the Fringe on George IV Bridge.

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Andra xo