2014 Episode 14 – The 56

Episode fourteen is a rollercoaster ride. In the middle of the podcast, my guest Matt Stevens-Woodhead and I we were interrupted by an act flyering us for his show, so we let him plug it! We then got back to serious business and discussed the limitations of doing verbatim theatre, as well as creating a new ratings system for how sad a show can be.

If you’re on twitter, give the company Matt is a part of, FYSA Theatre, a follow @fysatheatre. You can also find more information on their website www.fysatheatre.com.

You should go and see FYSA’s production The 56 – you can get all the info you need right here! As promised, if you want to go and see The Cowfoot Prince (who interrupted us) you can find information on the Just Festival website here.

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Andra xo